Learn How to Manage the Challenge of Disruptive Change

How To Manage Disruptive Change - Online Course and Textbook

Author of How To Manage Disruptive Change

A Course, TextBook, - Learn To Manage the Challenges of Disruptive Change

 Decision-makers, Senior Management, University and Healthcare Administrators, Board Members, Business Unit Managers, Director of Training, Employees/Staff, Auditors, Media, Entrepreneur/Startups, Lenders, Stockbrokers, Investors, anyone interested in learning How To Manage Disruptive Change with an Online Course and Textbook

Lesson 1 - What You Will Learn

  • Learn that Disruptive Change is a multifaceted ongoing process, not an event.    
  • Learn How to Confront the Reality of Disruptive Change -  That the status quo is an illusion, not sustainable
  • Learn that change is not optional, and innovation not voluntary 
  • Learn that the Forces of Economic Disruption are redefining Conventional Assumptions

 Bringing New Problems to Solve

 Business, Healthcare, Education, Investors, Government, and Individuals

  • Learn to embrace change and Create an Adaptive Culture
  • Understand the Power of a Shared Strategic Vision
  • Learn how to create a Project Management Based Culture  

 Team-based Organizational Structures

 Experiment, Prototype, and Discover the Future 

 with the wisdom of teams and diversity of minds

  • Learn to Invest in Intangible Assets 

 Technology and Talent

 Understand the Accounting Dilemma

  • Learn How to Win the Talent War

 Hire and Promote, Problem Solvers and Change Agents

 Curious/Energetic/Creative/Future-Oriented/Thinks Big/Speaks Up/Takes Risks/Comfortable with Conflict

 A Tolerance for Ambiguity and Uncertainty/Inventive/Bold Insightful Thinker/Values Results over Perfection

  • Learn that Economic Transformation 

 Cannot be delegated, it must be led - Adaptive Leadership

  • Learn about cloud computing-based Virtual Organizations
  • Understand and manage cybersecurity challenges
  • Learn that the Fifth-Generation Wireless Networks 

 Will Transform Communications Manage Disruptive Change-

 Online Course and Textbook

Author Bob Shafto

About The Aurhor

 Bob Shafto is a retired CEO of New England Mutual. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Science from Drake University and was a past recipient of the Universities Alumni Achievement Award. He installed Guarantee Mutuals first computer system, was a Senior Systems Engineer and Vice President Beta Division with Electronic Data Systems. Bob joined New England Mutual Life as Vice President of Computer Systems, and after a series of promotions, he was named Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. Mr. Shafto was asked to speak at MIT Sloan on the relationship between the CEO and the CIO. Bob Shafto has over 35 years of computer systems development, project managment, manage disruptive change and executive management experience.