The Greek philosopher Heraclitus insisted that ever-present change was the fundamental essence of the universe. Today, digital disruption is changing all the rules of Government, Business, Healthcare, and Education


The Overwhelming Questions of Our Time

Can today’s organizations learn to adapt to accelerating change?

Do they have the necessary leadership skills?

Can they overcome their personal and organizational bias for the status quo?

Can they win the talent war?

Can they successfully meet the demands of today’s empowered workforce and customers?

Can they manage the challenges of digital transformation and cyber-security?

Can they embrace change and become an adaptive organization?

Organizations need to become flexible, resilient, and innovative. They need to learn how to adjust to constantly changing circumstances and situations.

They need to become adaptive.

Syllabus and Lessons

Text Book

Lesson 1: What you will Learn

Lesson 2: Understanding Disruptive Change

Lesson 3: Confront Reality of Disruptive Change, Pages 1-4

Lesson 4: Adaptive Leadership – Followers, Pages 5-11

Lesson 5: Shared Strategic Vision Pages 12-15

Lesson 6: Teams, Projects, Project Management, and Facilitation Pages 16 – 24

Lesson 7: Invest in Intangible Assets Pages 25 – 29

Lesson 8: Experimentation, Prototyping, and Discovery Pages 30 – 34

Lesson 9: Winning the Talent War Pages 35 – 53

Lesson10: Digital Transformation Pages 54 – 82

Lesson11: Virtual Organizations Pages 83 – 86

Lesson12: Fifth – Generation Wireless Network Pages 87 – 92

Lesson13: Cybersecurity Pages 93 – 118

Lesson14: Conclusion Pages 119 – 120